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Occupational Medicine Specialist

Access Point Healthcare

Tarik Shaaban, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician & Integrative Medicine located in Panama City, FL

Starting a new job is exciting, but what do you do if your new role requires you to be medically certified that you’re fit for work before you can begin working? And once you do start, how do you reduce your risks of work-related injury and illness? Tarik Shaaban, MD, offers occupational medicine services at Access Point Healthcare in Panama City, Florida. Call the practice today to find out more or schedule an appointment to meet your work-related health care needs. You can also click the Make an Appointment button at the top of this page.

Occupational Medicine Q & A

What is occupational medicine?

Occupational medicine focuses on work-related health practices, treating and seeking to prevent illness and injury in the workplace. Entire industries, specific sectors, and some individual jobs require that employees have access to additional medical care. This is mandated by federal and state regulations focused on health and safety at work.

Dr. Shaaban has extensive training in occupational medicine. He works directly with organizations and employers to make sure that their team completes all necessary health checks and remains healthy and free of injury.

What services does an operational medicine provider offer?

Illness and injury can significantly disrupt the workforce. Dr. Shaaban offers a range of occupational medicine services to help avoid these disruptions, including:

  • Pre-start assessments
  • Fit-for-duty exams
  • Health and safety education
  • Annual wellness checks
  • Work-related injury treatment and management
  • Toxicology assessments
  • Influenza vaccinations (flu shots)
  • Occupational mental health care
  • Regulatory exams
  • Occupational recovery

Dr. Shaaban and his team at Access Point Healthcare can assist you with all your work-related health needs.

What are the benefits of occupational medicine?

As federal and state regulations become stricter and employers place more value on their staff’s wellness and safety, occupational health has become vital for many organizations. Here’s a closer look at its benefits.

Improved workplace health

Preventing illness and injury in the workplace is as important as treating it. When team members know how to work safely and receive professional certification that they’re fit for service, it creates a healthier, more effective team environment.

Better outcomes

People who receive quick medical attention and comprehensive checkups following a workplace injury recover more successfully than those who don’t. Meanwhile, preventive care measures like annual health checks, fit-for-duty exams, and return-to-work assessments reduce the risk of severe injury and illness.

Better communication and trust

When occupational medicine is part of the workforce culture, employees know that their health and safety are among their employers’ top priorities. This allows them to feel more comfortable about expressing their health concerns.

Whether you need an occupational health check for your job or are looking for an occupational health care solution for your employees, reach out to Access Point Healthcare. Call the practice today or make an appointment through this website.